Section 4: Program Evaluation

In order to complete the Becoming ACEs Aware Training and receive credit, learners will need to:

  • Watch the 11-minute video with California Surgeon General, Nadine Burke Harris, MD, MPH in Section 1; 
  • Complete either case 1 (featuring a child patient) or case 2 (adult patient) in Section 2; 
  • Complete four of nine cases, based on clinical interests and patient population, from among cases 3-11 in Section 3; and 
  • Submit the course evaluation in Section 4.

You will complete a total of five cases (At least one case in Section 2 and four cases in Section 3). You will not be able to complete the course evaluation in Section 4 until you have completed the required cases in Sections 1-3. 

You will have an opportunity to complete additional cases for credit once you have completed this training.

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Learners must complete the evaluation before claiming credit.  To access the evaluation click on the ENROLL button.

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